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What’s the problem with a bad car throttle?

A bad throttle will cause the car to appear:

1. The idle speed of the engine is unstable, the idle speed does not drop continuously, and the engine is difficult to start, especially difficult to start cold;

2. The engine has no idle speed;

3. Insufficient engine power, poor acceleration performance and unstable operation;

4. The exhaust pipe of the car emits black smoke, and the fuel consumption increases.

Here is the relevant information:

The throttle valve is a controllable valve that controls the entry of air into the engine. There are two types of traditional pull-wire and electronic throttle valves. After the gas enters the intake pipe, it will be mixed with gasoline to form a combustible mixture, which will burn to do work. The air filter is connected to the throttle valve, and the engine block is connected to the lower part, which is called the throat of the car engine.

Post time: Jun-17-2022