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  • car air flow sensor

    Today, let’s talk about the basic principle and inspection method of the air flow sensor. The air flow meter is installed between the air filter element and the throttle valve of the car to measure the amount of air entering the cylinder, and then convert the data signal of the intake port ...
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  • 24 Truck Sensor Post-Processing Failures

    24 Truck Sensor Post-Processing Failures

    1. Destruction of the working pressure and temperature sensor of the air inlet ①ON gear, the car engine fault light is always on; ②When the oil is supplied slowly, there is a little black smoke from the exhaust pipe, and a lot of black smoke from the exhaust pipe is quickly accelerated; ③The car ...
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  • The function and detection method of the car oxygen sensor, how to judge the oxygen sensor is broken

    The role of car oxygen sensor Cars usually have two oxygen sensors, a front oxygen sensor and a rear oxygen sensor. The front oxygen sensor is generally installed on the exhaust manifold, and the rear oxygen sensor is installed behind the three-way catalytic converter. Their respective roles in ...
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  • Don’t let ice and snow “cover” the car’s ABS sensor

    Don’t let ice and snow “cover” the car’s ABS sensor

    Today, car airbags, ABS (anti-lock braking system) and other safety devices have become standard equipment in most cars. This indispensable safety device has also become the main reference factor for customers to choose a car. But you know, this safety device is also beautiful and must be careful...
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  • The role of the throttle

    The throttle valve (also called the throttle body) is often dirty, and the method of cleaning is used to solve the jitter and oil consumption. The throttle valve has many functions, mainly in the following aspects: 1. Increase power by accelerating or decelerating; 2. Correct the air intake funct...
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  • How to measure the air flow rate

    How to measure the air flow rate

    Air flow rate Sensen failure association creation and development Detailed information in the text. 1) At the time of the engine operation, the air flow rate sensor is used. Disappearance of failure, manifestation of air flow rate, sensor signal error, error. Manipulation of oil control system, s...
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  • A little knowledge about mass air flow sensors

    What happens when your car’s Mass Air Flow Sensor is contaminated? Ans: Well, you probably may not notice it but have already experienced it first hand when your car engine idles roughly or suddenly stalls. A contaminated Mass Air Flow Sensor will send the wrong airflow ...
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  • How long does it take to clean a car throttle

    Most car owners are familiar with the throttle valve body part of the car. In simple terms, when we step on the accelerator, we control the throttle valve. The system in the car will calculate the specific degree of opening and closing of the throttle valve. How much fue...
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    What does an ABS Sensor do? The anti-lock braking system uses an ABS or wheel speed sensor to monitor the speed of the wheel, which then sends this information to the ABS computer. In the event of an emergency stop, the ABS computer will use this information to prevent t...
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    An ABS is intended to bring your vehicle to a quick stop, not only on dry roads but also on slippery ones, including those with ice. Cars equipped with ABS benefit from lower insurance costs and higher resale value. Insurers embrace them and consumers value the technology. On the other hand, the...
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    ABS technology first emerged in the 1920s when aircraft engineers sought to apply automatic override braking to their planes. Notably, ABS was designed to prevent aircraft wheels from locking during sudden deceleration. By the 1950s, the technology appeared on motorcycles, and by the 1960s, it ha...
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  • What’s the impact of camshaft sensor on car safety

    What’s the impact of camshaft sensor on car safety

    We are one of leading suppliers who wholesale camshaft sensor, we start from the following questions to illustrate the safety impact of camshaft sensor on the car.     What does the camshaft sensor do? The camshaft helps control the opening and closing of the car’s valve. Althoug...
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