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What if a BMW Nitrogen Oxide Sensor fails to work?

There are a variety of sensors in an automobile such as Oxygen Sensor, Air Flow Sensor, Nitrogen Oxide Sensor and etc,. These sensors are the “eyes” and “brains” of a vehicle. But what should we do if one of the sensors fail to work. In this article we take the wholesale BMW Nitrogen Oxide Sensor as an example.


What is BMW Nitrogen Oxide Sensor?

As the emission regulations of diesel vehicles become more and more stringent, the SCR system includes a Nitrogen Oxide sensor to monitor the amount of nitrogen oxides released into the air by the vehicle. If excessive Nitrogen Oxide is detected, the sensor will provide this information to the SCR system, and then the system can adjust its output accordingly so that the vehicle continues to meet the emission regulations. If you have a diesel powered vehicle, Nitrogen Oxide sensor is very important for SCR system to ensure that your vehicle meets the requirements.

wholesale BMW Nitrogen Oxide Sensor

The phenomenon of failed Nitrogen Oxide Sensor:

  • it has a very pungent smell. Without the function of oxygen sensor, the three-way catalyst will not be able to fully burn carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, so it will release a very pungent smell;
  • General oxygen sensors will emit black smoke after failure;
  • In most cases, the engine will shake and there will be a loud noise during exhaust;
  • The engine idling fluctuates greatly and the acceleration is weak.


How to repair Nitrogen Oxide Sensor?

First, you need to diagnose the vehicle. If the code indicates that the Nitrogen Oxide Sensor is faulty, you should contact YASEN for advice and order any spare parts you may need to repair. If the probe is the problem, you should follow the step-by-step instructions below:


1) Remove the Nitrogen Oxide sensor

Remove the faulty Nitrogen Oxide sensor from the vehicle. You may need to consult the vehicle manual for more information on how to do this.


2) Get your tools ready

You will need the following items to repair the Nitrogen Oxide unit:

  • soldering iron
  • electrical tape
  • tools / knives
  • scissors


3) Pull protective rubber back from the unit

You need to pull back the protective rubber covering the sensor / cable to carry out any maintenance work. Make sure you hold it tightly with electrical tape so that you can clearly see what you’re doing.


4) Split the cable

Use your knife and scissors to separate the cable. It is important to note that you should not cut all wires in the same position – cut them in different lengths.


5) Connect your new probe

Connect the corresponding color coded cable of the new probe to the cable protruding from the Nitrogen Oxide emission control unit sensor. Make sure that each wire is wound together, and then weld each wire together. You may need to use heat shrinkable tubes in the welding area to bond the cable sheath to increase strength. After welding and heating the newly repaired equipment, it shall be placed for several minutes to reach the normal temperature.


6) Replace your Nitrogen Oxide sensor

Now that you have replaced the probe on the Nitrogen Oxide sensor, this should be the end of your problem diagnosis! Try running another diagnostic test to ensure that your device has been properly repaired and is fully operational after you return it to the vehicle.


If it is the problem of probe, all the BMW Nitrogen Oxide Sensor can repair as this way above. And if it is other problem, please contact YASEN for help. 

Post time: Nov-24-2021