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Types of Air Flow Sensors

If your beloved car has occurred the following problems such as engine backfired sharply, driving hardly with dark smoke and repeat a few days later after a basic repairing we can definitely tell you that it is likely the problem of air flow sensor. And today we are going to talk about the definition of this item its working principle and types.


AUDI air flow sensor


The definition of air flow sensor


It is used to check the amount of air inhaled by the engine as it can transmit the amount of air into an electrical signal and record on ECU which could be used to calculated fuel injection time and ignition time.


The types of air flow sensor


Now the market mainstream on two types of mass flow type: hot wire air flow sensor, hot mode air flow sensor. Other volume flow vane type, Karman vortex type has been eliminated. The theoretical air-fuel ratio, or air-fuel mass ratio, is 14.7:1.


Post time: Nov-24-2021