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Some information about automobile camshaft sensor

The camshaft sensor is one of the most important sensors in the engine electronic control system. Its function is to provide the trip computer ecu with a signal to confirm the position of the piston to determine the ignition timing and sequential fuel injection of the engine. If the engine lacks the correct position signal from it, there will be difficulties. However, the cause of these phenomena is not necessarily the problem of the sensor itself. To diagnose the camshaft sensor fault accurately and quickly, we need to correctly understand the characteristics of the camshaft sensor, understand its structure, working principle and diagnosis method.


automobile camshaft sensor


Structure of camshaft sensor


The camshaft ensor, also known as the cylinder identification sensor, is mainly used to detect the rotation angle position of the camshaft. The engine control module uses this signal and the crankshaft position sensor signal to determine the position of the top dead center of a certain cylinder of the engine. The camshaft position sensor usually uses a Hall sensor.


Function of camshaft sensor


The camshaft sensor is fixed on the cylinder head cover. The camshaft sensor detects the position of the intake camshaft by means of an incremental wheel fixed on the camshaft. When the crankshaft sensor fails, the engine control calculates the engine speed accordingly. The camshaft sensor together with the crankshaft sensor are necessary for the injection device (the injection of each cylinder is at the optimal ignition timing).


Failure performance of camshaft sensor


  • The car has a high-pressure fire, but it takes a long time to start, and the car will eventually be able to run;


  • During the starting process, the crankshaft will reverse and the intake manifold will be backfired;


  • The car idling is unstable and the jitter is serious, similar to the failure of a car lacking cylinder;


  • The car will experience high fuel consumption, excessive exhaust emissions, and the exhaust pipe will produce unpleasant black smoke emissions.


Detection method of camshaft sensor


The measurement method is based on a Hall IC. The output signal shows the low state through the tooth surface and the high state through the gap. The camshaft sensor works according to the principle of the crankshaft sensor. Through a special shielding template, emergency operation can be carried out after the crankshaft sensor fails. But the resolution of the camshaft sensor signal is too inaccurate, so the crankshaft sensor cannot be replaced under normal operation.


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Post time: Nov-24-2021