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Common faults of VW Oxygen Sensor

No matter what brand of car, their oxygen sensors have common failures, we provide you with the corresponding solutions as well as practical tips for you to judge failures.


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Oxygen sensor poisoning

Take out the air sensing unit coming from the exhaust pipe, and also check whether the air vent hole on the sensing unit property is actually blocked or the ceramic primary is actually harmed. If it is actually destroyed, the air sensor ought to be actually replaced. If it is just a minor top poisoning, then using a box of unleaded gas can deal with the bait the surface area of the air sensor and restore it to typical procedure. Yet commonly because of the extremely higher exhaust temperature, lead attacks its own inner parts, which prevents the circulation of oxygen ions, and also produces the oxygen sensor unproductive. Right now, it can simply be replaced.

In addition, silicon poisoning of oxygen sensing units is actually also popular. Commonly communicating, the silicon dioxide created due to the ignition of silicon substances included in fuel as well as lubricating oil as well as the organic silicon fuel discharged coming from improper use plastic rubber gaskets will definitely trigger the air sensing unit to neglect. Therefore, it is actually needed to use good quality fuel and lubricating oil. When fixing, choose as well as install rubber gaskets properly, as well as perform not administer solvents and anti-sticking agents besides those defined by the maker on the sensing unit.

Carbon deposition

Due to bad motor combustion, carbon dioxide down payments are actually based on the surface of the air sensor, or even deposits including oil or dirt inside the air sensor will definitely prevent or even block out the outside sky coming from getting in the oxygen sensing unit, creating the indicator output by the air sensing unit imprecise and also the ECU can easily not be well-timed Correct the air-fuel ratio correctly. Carbon dioxide affirmation is actually mostly manifested in the increase in fuel usage and also a notable increase in emission focus. At this time, if the debris is eliminated, typical procedure will return to.

Air sensing unit ceramic is damaged

The ceramic of the air sensor is actually difficult and also delicate, and also fining a tough item or even blowing along with a powerful air current may create it to crack and also end up being false. As a result, be actually especially cautious when handling, and change it on time if there is actually a problem.

The heating unit protection cable is streamed

For the home heating type oxygen sensing unit, if the heating system resistance cord is actually ablated, it is actually tough to bring in the sensor meet the ordinary working temperature and also lose its own functionality.

The internal circuit of the air sensing unit is separated


Inspection of the appearance and shade of the air sensing unit

Eliminate the air sensor from the exhaust pipe, and also examine whether the air vent opening on the sensing unit housing is actually blocked or the ceramic primary is actually ruined. If it is damaged, the air sensing unit need to be actually substituted.



The fault can also be judged by observing the color of the top part of the oxygen sensor:


Light gray top: this is the normal color of the oxygen sensor;


White tip: caused by silicon pollution, the oxygen sensor must be replaced at this time;


Brown tip: caused by lead pollution, if it is serious, the oxygen sensor must be replaced;


Black tip: it is caused by carbon deposits. After the engine carbon deposit fault is eliminated, the carbon deposits on the oxygen sensor can generally be automatically removed.


The main oxygen sensor includes a hot rod that heats the zirconia element. The heating rod is controlled by the (ECU) computer. When the air intake is small (low exhaust temperature), the current flows to the heating rod to heat the sensor to enable accurate detection of oxygen concentration.


Platinum electrodes are installed on both the inner and outer sides of the zirconium element (ZRO2) in the test tube state. In order to protect the platinum electrodes, the outer side of the motor is covered with ceramics. The inner oxygen concentration is higher than the atmosphere, and the outer oxygen concentration is lower than the car exhaust gas concentration.


It should be pointed out that after adopting the three-way catalytic converter, unleaded gasoline must be used, otherwise the three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor will quickly fail. Note again that the oxygen sensor plays an important role in stabilizing the throttle and preparing standard mixing. When frequent enrichment or lean mixing, the (ECU) computer will ignore the oxygen sensor information, and the oxygen sensor will not work.


wholesale VW Oxygen Sensor

 wholesale VW Oxygen Sensor

Maintenance and replacement

Washing the throttle is a maintenance item that everyone knows. In fact, it is more important to clean the oxygen sensor. After all, the oxygen sensor works in a harsher environment and is more susceptible to injury. Not to mention it controls the amount of fuel injected. The oxygen sensor can be cleaned by soaking the three-way catalyst cleaner for 10 minutes, and then drying it with a hair dryer.


If the oxygen sensor has failed, please replace it immediately. For a VW with a mileage of 100,000 kilometers, it is recommended to replace the oxygen sensor. We are a professional VW Oxygen Sensor manufacturer, if you need it, please contact us immediately to get a free quote.

Post time: Nov-24-2021