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What does an ABS Sensor do?

The anti-lock braking system uses an ABS or wheel speed sensor to monitor the speed of the wheel, which then sends this information to the ABS computer. In the event of an emergency stop, the ABS computer will use this information to prevent the brakes from locking. If the wheel speeds are not equal, the computer will regulate the anti-lock feature until the speeds are the same.

Where are ABS sensors located?

The ABS sensor is usually located in each wheel hub or rotor on a four-channel ABS system. The ABS sensor may also be mounted in the rear differential in some rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

What does an illuminated ABS sensor light mean?

A failing sensor can illuminate the ABS light and may cause the failure of the anti-lock braking system during an emergency stop. An illuminated ABS sensor light should be evaluated by an automotive professional.

What are the indications of a malfunctioning ABS sensor?

An ABS sensor and wiring can be visually inspected for exposed wires or broken connections. The sensor may also be tested for OE-specified resistance with an ohmmeter.

What makes YASEN Parts ABS Sensors the best?

  • YASEN Parts focuses on using only the highest quality materials, manufactured to exacting standards for an aftermarket product that is truly built to match or exceed the OE part
  • YASEN Parts ABS sensor line has superior coverage for domestic and import applications

Product Spotlight

  • Over 2,300 SKU’s available, covering 50% of the North American market.
  • Grommets and wire clips are included per Original Equipment specifications to ensure proper mounting and routing within the car chassis.
  • The sensor housing is made from high quality reinforced plastic, offering superior resistance to the elements
  • Sealed Anti-Static Protective Packaging ensures that electrical components are not damaged during shipping

Post time: Feb-25-2022