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ABS Wheel Speed Sensor for Mercedes-Benz 1705400517

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MERCEDES-BENZ SLK (1996/04 - 2004/04)

First, if you are driving a vehicle with ABS, take to heart that this type of safety technology is not a substitute for safe driving habits. In other words, your ABS brake system will not keep you from sliding off the road if you are driving too fast for the conditions. Always give yourself plenty of space to maneuver and brake, even more so at greater speeds or in times of poor road conditions.
Second, when driving a vehicle with ABS, do not pump the brakes — ABS is already doing that for you. You will feel pulsation in the brake pedal and probably hear what sounds like grinding or buzzing from under the hood. You may also see warning lights and hear a warning alarm. Don’t panic, just keep your foot firmly on the brake pedal. Braking distance may or may not be improved, but steering and stopping control will be greatly enhanced.
Perhaps the best way to get used to your ABS brake system is to test it out, preferably in an empty parking lot. That way, you can get a feel for how your vehicle sounds and feels while the system is active and learn to trust that it will do the job as long as you are doing yours.

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