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ABS Wheel Speed Sensor for CHEVROLET/FORD, 23251376

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ABS Wheel Speed Sensor for CHEVROLET/FORD, 23251376

Even with an ABS Brake System, Always Drive Responsibly and Give Yourself Plenty of Room to ManeuverNormally, on a good dry road surface, optimal braking occurs when the amount of friction in the brakes is just shy of the amount of friction between the tires and the road. On a slippery road, however, there’s far less friction between the tires and the road, which means that you can’t apply that much friction in the brakes.
This can be a problem if you need to come to a stop quickly. Because the friction in the brakes exceeds that of the tires, you can quickly lock up the brakes, which would put your car into a skid as you lose all traction and steering capability. This is why you were always taught to “pump the brakes,” to keep them from locking up, but as the name implies, the anti-lock brake system keeps your brakes from locking up.
Using wheel speed sensors (WSS), the controller anti-lock brake (CAB) or ABS controller monitors wheel speeds. While braking, if the CAB detects that a wheel is stopping too soon, it releases brake pressure momentarily to keep the wheel from locking up and losing traction. Some ABS systems can pulse the brakes up to 15 times per second. The end result is that the brakes don’t lock up and tires maintain traction with the road, giving you the control needed to safely maneuver or stop.

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