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What are the faults of broken car sensors


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Although many people have gotten a driver’s license, they understand less about automotive sensors. As an important part of the car, what happens if there is a problem with the sensor? Car owners need to know these, and we also provide measures. If you know less about sensors, this article will widen your knowledge. Plus, if your car is Volkswagen, you need to look for a VW sensor supplier to purchase.


Damaged water temperature sensor

①On gear, the engine fault light is always on;

②On gear, the water temperature always displays the maximum value of 120℃;

③The engine is limited to torque and sluggish;

④Failure code: P003D (water temperature sensor voltage is lower than the lower limit)



The water temperature level sensor is actually invalid. When the ECU identifies that the output indicator of the water temp sensing unit is not reliable, the substitute worth is actually utilized. For the purpose of shielding the motor, the ECU confines the twist of the motor.



Please check the water temperature sensor.

Damaged intake pressure temperature sensor

①ON gear, the engine fault light is always on;

②When you step on the accelerator slowly on the spot, a small amount of black smoke will be emitted, and a lot of black smoke will be emitted when you accelerate;

③The engine is sluggish;

④Failure code: P01D6 (intake pressure sensor voltage is lower than the lower limit)



The intake air pressure signal is abnormal, and the ECU cannot receive the correct intake information. As a result, the fuel injection volume is also abnormal. The combustion is insufficient, the engine is sluggish, and black smoke is emitted during the refueling process. Problems with the wiring harness connection and sensor failure can cause this failure.



Check the intake air pressure and temperature sensor.

Short circuit phenomenon of nitrogen and oxygen sensor wire bundle

①After starting, the OBD fault light is always on;

②The engine is torque limited and sluggish;

③The fault code: P0050 (downstream nitrogen and oxygen sensor CAN signal receiving timeout), P018C (downstream nitrogen and oxygen sensor preparation timeout).



The nitrogen oxygen sensor harness was worn out, short-circuited to the ground, and the nitrogen oxygen sensor could not work normally, resulting in excessive emissions, engine torque limit, and system alarm.



Check the wiring harness of the nitrogen oxygen sensor. If this method does not solve your BMW problem, why not try to wholesale BMW nitrogen oxide sensor as your new one?


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Damage to the oil pressure sensor

①After starting, the oil pressure indicator light is always on;

②The engine fault light is always on;

③Idle speed, the oil pressure value is displayed as 0.99;

④Failure code: P01CA (oil pressure sensor voltage is higher than the upper limit)



The oil pressure sensor probe is seriously damaged, the ECU detects that the oil pressure sensor is not connected, and the value displayed by the meter is a substitute value inside the ECU.



Check the oil pressure sensor.

Additional knowledge-types of automotive sensors

There are many types of automotive sensors, the following are the more common ones.


1. Flow Sensors

For example, vane type, gauge core type, eddy current type, hot wire type and hot film type air flow sensor used in engine fuel injection system. You can wholesale SKODA Air Flow Sensor or other brands here.

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2. Position sensor

For example, the crankshaft position sensor (also known as the engine speed and crank angle sensor), the camshaft position sensor, the throttle position sensor used in the engine fuel injection and the microcomputer-controlled ignition system, the electronic adjustment suspension system adopts the body position (also known as the body Height) sensor, steering wheel angle sensor used in electronic control power steering system, etc.


3. Pressure Sensor

Such as the intake manifold pressure sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor, cylinder pressure sensor used in the engine control system, the fuel pressure sensor used in the automatic transmission system, and the knock sensor used in the engine knock control system.


4. Temperature Sensor

Such as engine coolant temperature sensor, exhaust temperature sensor, etc., automatic transmission fluid temperature sensor used in automatic transmission system, and interior temperature sensor used in air conditioning control system.


5. Concentration sensor

Such as oxygen sensor used in engine control system, alcohol concentration sensor used in safety control system, etc.


6. Speed Sensor

Such as the wheel speed sensor used in the anti-lock braking system, the longitudinal and lateral acceleration (deceleration) speed sensor of the vehicle body, the speed sensor used in the engine control system, the speed sensor used in the engine, automatic transmission and cruise control system, and the speed sensor of the transmission input shaft And the output shaft speed sensor and so on.


7. Collision Sensor

Such as the roller ball type, piezoelectric type and mercury type collision sensors used in the auxiliary protection system.


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Post time: Nov-24-2021