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The role of the throttle

The throttle valve (also called the throttle body) is often dirty, and the method of cleaning is used to solve the jitter and oil consumption.

The throttle valve has many functions, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Increase power by accelerating or decelerating;

2. Correct the air intake function through its self-adjustment;

3. Why can’t the spark plug flood the EFI car under normal circumstances? Because when the throttle valve is opened to the maximum extent, the fuel injection nozzle will stop injecting fuel, which plays the role of clearing the cylinder;

4. The function of controlling the operation of the engine assembly (the idle switch inside the engine is working);

5. Control the flap, through the work of the sensor, control the size of the intake air, which is used to improve the power;

Dirty throttle valve is mostly caused by poor air quality and oil quality. Due to the effect of negative pressure, the carbon deposits generated during the combustion of gasoline will infect the throttle valve, causing it to close poorly, resulting in increased intake air and errors in signal transmission, resulting in high fuel consumption and engine idling jitter.

Therefore, during maintenance, it is necessary to check the opening of the throttle valve frequently. If it exceeds the normal range, it should be cleaned.

Post time: Apr-02-2022