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The Best O2 Sensor

The appearance of cars has brought great convenience to our travel. A car needs gasoline to run, but it also needs oxygen. O2 sensor, as one of the parts of the car, its role cannot be ignored. Today, this article will specifically introduce you to the O2 sensor.


What is the O2 Sensor


high-quality O2 sensor

The oxygen sensor (frequently referred to as an “O2 sensor”) is installed in the exhaust manifold of the automobile to keep track of just how much unburned oxygen remains in the exhaust as the exhaust leaves the engine.

By keeping track of oxygen degrees and sending this information to your engine’s computer, these sensors let your cars and truck understand if the fuel mix is running abundant (not enough oxygen) or lean (too much oxygen). Appropriate air fuel proportion is critical to keeping your auto running as smoothly as it ought to be.

Considering that the O2 sensor plays an important duty in engine performance, discharges, and gas effectiveness, it is necessary to recognize how they function as well as ensure your own are working appropriately.


The Working Principle of the O2 Sensor


O2 sensor is a standard configuration on automobiles. It uses ceramic sensitive elements to measure the oxygen potential in automobile exhaust pipes, and calculates the corresponding oxygen concentration based on the principle of chemical balance to ensure product quality and exhaust emission standards.


The O2 sensor is widely used in the atmosphere control of various types of coal combustion, oil combustion, gas combustion, etc. It has the advantages of simple structure, rapid response, easy maintenance, convenient use, accurate measurement and so on. Using the sensor to measure and control the combustion atmosphere can not only stabilize and improve product quality, but also shorten the production cycle and save energy.


The working principle of the O2 sensor on a car is similar to that of a dry battery. Its basic working principle is: under certain conditions, the difference in oxygen concentration between the inner and outer sides of zirconia is used to generate a potential difference, and the greater the concentration difference, the greater the potential difference.


O2 Sensor’s Important Function


An O2 sensor is a critical part in any kind of automobile’s exhaust system. Its primary purpose is to figure out the make-up of your auto’s exhaust or emissions as well as communicate the details to your auto’s on-board computer for ideal engine efficiency. Your auto requires to effectively prepare an optimal fuel-to-oxygen ratio for burning, and the O2 sensor plays a big component in the performance of this task.


An O2 sensor that is starting to malfunction will generate a few signs and symptoms that can primarily influence the exhaust system and the engine timing. It is important to be aware of what the O2 sensor does for your vehicle so you can be gotten ready for how to handle O2 sensor issues when they occur.


Since O2 sensors are so important to the performance of our cars, we need to select high-quality oxygen sensors. We are the wholesale O2 sensor supplier. If you want to take some measures to prevent the O2 sensor from malfunctioning, we can also give you some good suggestions. Any interests, welcome to contact us.

Post time: Nov-24-2021