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The Best Nitrogen Oxide Sensor

The nitrogen oxide sensor is one of the most critical components in the processing system. During the operation of the engine, it constantly detects the nitrogen oxide sensor concentration of the exhaust pipe of the engine, so as to detect whether the nitrogen oxide sensor emission meets the legal requirements. Today this passage will mainly introduce the nitrogen oxide sensor.


What is Nitrogen Oxide Sensor


High-Quality VW Nitrogen Oxide Sensor

Nitrogen oxide sensors represent cutting-edge innovation that can be put on gasoline lean shed engines as part of a more comprehensive engine control or diagnostic system used to insure appropriate procedure of the nitrogen oxide(NOx) exhaust control system.


These sensors can be included independent of the NOx discharge control technology utilized on the automobile and their feature is primarily to check the NOx conversion efficiency of the stimulant. The sensor can function as part of a comments loop to the control system on the discharges system to materialize time modifications as well as maximize NOx conversion.


The principle of operation of one sort of NOx sensor is based upon tried and tested solid electrolyte technology established for oxygen sensors. The dual chamber zirconia picking up aspect and also electro-chemical pumps operate in combination with precious metal driver electrodes to regulate the oxygen concentration within the sensor as well as transform the NOx to nitrogen.


The Effect of Nitrogen Oxide Sensor


As engine emission policies become a lot more strict than ever before, the nitrogen oxide sensor’s duty is to examine the discharges and establish nitrogen oxide quantities released right into the environment.

The nitrogen oxide sensor works by identifying nitrogen oxides by means of an electro-catalytic device, with a product that responds with nitrogen oxide.

A voltage passed through an electrolyte can analyze just how much nitrogen oxide is present, with the a lot more significant voltage representing a more considerable nitrogen oxide level.

Intend the nitrogen oxide sensor spots that there are extreme amounts of nitrogen oxide generated. Because case, it will certainly send the info to the SCR system, which will then change the result to enable the lorry to satisfy discharges guidelines.

Consequently, the nitrogen oxide sensor is important for the SCR system in diesel-powered autos to ensure that the vehicle remains to conform to the emissions standards needed.


Some Tips for Repairing Nitrogen Oxide Sensor


Nitrogen Oxide Sensors feature complicated modern technology. Below are some repair work ideas to remember:


  • An abject doser shutoff may set nitrogen oxide DTCs.


  • Make sure to evaluate the doser valve before changing nitrogen Oxide sensors.


  • After changing a nitrogen oxide sensor, be sure to inspect solution information for any kind of reset procedures.


  • Nitrogen oxide sensor can not discriminate between nitrogen oxide and also ammonia
    Performing a DPF regen will certainly launch ammonia from the SCR stimulant.


As the emission regulations of diesel fuel vehicles become more and more stringent, the role of nitrogen oxide sensors is becoming more and more essential. We are the VW nitrogen oxide sensor factory. Any interests, welcome to contact us.

Post time: Nov-24-2021