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Something You Want To Know About Automobile Speed Sensor



As the information source of the automobile electronic control system, the automobile speed sensor is a key component of the automobile electronic control system, and it is also one of the core contents of the research in the field of automobile electronic technology. It detects the speed of the electronically controlled car, and the control computer uses this input signal to control engine idle speed, automatic transmission torque converter lock, automatic transmission shift and engine cooling fan opening and closing, cruise control and other functions.






1. Detect the driving speed of the car, and input the detection result to the car instrument system to display the speed of the car;


2.Input the detected vehicle speed signal to the ecu of the car control system that needs the vehicle speed signal;


3.Used in automatic transmission system, cruise control system;




Magnetoelectric vehicle speed sensor  


The magnetoelectric vehicle speed sensor is an analog AC signal generator, which generates an alternating current signal, usually composed of a magnetic core and a coil with two terminals. The two coil terminals are the output terminals of the sensor. When the ring-shaped wing wheel made of iron rotates past the sensor, an AC voltage signal will be generated in the coil. Each gear on the magnetic wheel will generate a series of pulses corresponding to each other, the shape of which is the same.


Hall-type vehicle speed sensor  


Hall-effect sensors are very special in automotive applications. This is mainly due to the conflict in the space around the transmission. Hall-effect sensors are solid sensors. They are mainly used in crankshaft angle and camshaft position for switch ignition and fuel injection. Circuit trigger, it is also used in other computer circuits that need to control the position and speed of rotating parts. The Hall effect sensor consists of an almost completely closed magnetic circuit containing permanent magnets and magnetic poles. A soft magnet blade rotor passes through the air gap between the magnet and the magnetic poles. The window on the blade rotor allows the magnetic field to pass through without being affected. Pass and reach the Hall effect sensor, but the part without the window interrupts the magnetic field. Therefore, the role of the rotor window of the blade is to switch the magnetic field, so that the Hall effect is turned on or off like a switch.


Photoelectric vehicle speed sensor  


The photoelectric vehicle speed sensor is a solid photoelectric semiconductor sensor, which consists of a turntable with a hole, two light conductor fibers, a light-emitting diode, and a phototransistor as a light sensor. An amplifier based on a phototransistor provides a signal with sufficient power for the engine control computer or ignition module, and the phototransistor and amplifier produce a digital output signal. The light-emitting diode shines on the photodiode through the hole on the turntable to realize the transmission and reception of light. The intermittent holes on the turntable can open and close the light source irradiating the phototransistor, and then trigger the phototransistor and amplifier to turn on or off the output signal like a switch.


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Post time: Nov-24-2021