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Some information about oxygen sensor

With the increasing awareness of environment protection, more and more green products occur on the market. Manufacturers rack their brain to launch environment protection products in order to occupy the share of market. Oxygen sensor is one of them.

The harm of car emission

As we all know, cars have brought great convenience for us but also pollution to our environment. Scientific analysis shows that automobile emission contains hundreds of compounds, including pollutants such as solid suspended particulates, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, lead and sulfur oxides. A car discharges three times its own weight in harmful emission per year.

Air fuel ratio

Air fuel ratio refers to the ratio of air quality to the amount of gasoline. Theoretically 1 kilogram gasoline requires 14.7 kilograms air to burn completely. But in actually they can’t burn totally. Therefore what we can do is just trying our best to reduce the amount of pollutants after combustion. And this is why oxygen sensor occurs.

The function principle of oxygen sensor

With the increasing popularity of automobiles, environmental and energy problems are becoming more and more prominent. Therefore, more and more scientists and technicians are applying energy-saving and emission reduction technologies to the new generation of cars. Oxygen sensor is one of them. Oxygen sensor is applied to test the ratio of gas to gasoline in order to save energy and reduce car emission. There are most of cars still equipped with internal combustion engine and with the conventional power way, whether the fuel is completely burned directly affects the power of engine.

oxygen sensors

There are two conditions when the amount of gas and gasoline are not balanced. When the amount of gas is much less than the gasoline, the combustion is insufficient, resulting in waste of fuel and the generation of a large number of polluting gases. When the amount of air is much more than the gasoline, it will hamper the work of car engine. Therefore, through the oxygen sensor to detect the oxygen ratio in the car emission, and control the air intake accordingly, so as to improve the combustion efficiency and energy conversion rate, and can reduce the emission of polluting exhaust gas.


BMW Oxygen Sensor-the top one


Manufacturers of oxygen sensor also launched products especial for some brands such as scania, BMW, VW in order to narrow the range of target consumer group. BMW oxygen sensor differentiates from other brand oxygen sensors, they possess better quality and more functions. At the same time, manufacturers of oxygen sensor are trying their best to improve their products quality and design and develop more useful functions for all of their consumers.

In short, oxygen sensor has a great importance in environmental protection, so it must a worthy investment for your car. We are wholesale supplier of oxygen sensors such as VW oxygen sensor, BMW oxygen sensor and scania oxygen sensor. Any interest, welcome to contact us.

Post time: Nov-24-2021