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Some information about automobile O2 sensor

The automobile O2 sensor is a key feedback sensor in the electronic fuel injection engine control system. It is a key part to control automobile exhaust emissions, reduce automobile pollution to the environment, and improve the fuel combustion quality of automobile engines. The O2 sensor is installed on the engine exhaust pipe. Next, I will introduce some information about automobile O2 sensor.


automobile O2 sensor




The automobile O2 sensor is a sensor detection device that can measure the oxygen concentration used in the car, and it has now become the standard on the car. The O2 sensor is mainly located on the exhaust pipe of the automobile engine. It is a key sensing component in the electronic fuel injection engine control system. It is also a key part to control automobile exhaust emissions, reduce automobile pollution to the environment, and improve the quality of automobile engine fuel combustion.




Generally, there are two O2 sensors in a car, a front O2 sensor and a rear O2 sensor. The front O2 sensor is generally installed on the exhaust manifold in front of the three-way catalytic converter and is mainly responsible for the correction of the mixture. The rear O2 sensor is installed on the exhaust pipe at the rear of the three-way catalytic converter and is mainly used to check the working effect of the three-way catalytic converter.


automobile O2 sensor




At present, the main O2 sensors used in automobiles include zirconium dioxide O2 sensors, titanium dioxide O2 sensors and wide-area O2 sensors. Among them, the most widely used is the zirconium dioxide O2 sensor. The following uses zirconium dioxide O2 sensor as an example to introduce you to the principle of automobile O2 sensor.


The zirconium dioxide O2 sensor is composed of zirconium tube (sensing element), electrode and protective sleeve. The zirconium tube is a solid electrolyte element made of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) containing a small amount of yttrium. The inner and outer sides of the zirconium tube are coated with a layer of porous platinum membrane electrodes. The inside of the zirconium tube is open to the atmosphere, and the outside is in contact with the exhaust gas.


In simple terms, automotive O2 sensors are mainly composed of zirconia ceramics and a thin layer of platinum on the inner and outer surfaces. The inner space is filled with oxygen-rich outside air, and the outer surface is exposed to the exhaust gas. The sensor is equipped with a heating circuit. After the car is started, the heating circuit can quickly reach the 350°C required for normal operation. Therefore, the automobile O2 sensor is also called a heated O2 sensor.


The O2 sensor mainly uses ceramic sensitive elements to measure the O2 potential in the exhaust pipe of a car, and calculates the corresponding O2 concentration by the principle of chemical balance, so that the combustion air-fuel ratio can be monitored and controlled. After monitoring the air-fuel ratio rich and lean signal of the mixed gas, the signal is input to the automobile ECU, and the ECU adjusts the fuel injection amount of the engine according to the signal to achieve closed-loop control, so that the catalytic converter can better perform its purification function, and finally ensure the effective exhaust emissions.


Specifically, the working principle of an automobile O2 sensor is similar to that of a dry battery, and the zirconium oxide element in the sensor acts like an electrolyte. Under certain conditions, the difference in O2 concentration between the inner and outer sides of zirconia can be used to generate a potential difference, and the greater the concentration difference, the greater the potential difference. Under the catalysis of high temperature and platinum, O2 is ionized. Due to the high concentration of O2 ions inside the zirconium tube and the low concentration of O2 ions outside, under the action of the O2 concentration difference, oxygen ions diffuse from the atmosphere side to the exhaust side, and the concentration of ions on both sides The difference generates an electromotive force, thereby forming a battery with a difference in O2 concentration.


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