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Don’t let ice and snow “cover” the car’s ABS sensor

Today, car airbags, ABS (anti-lock braking system) and other safety devices have become standard equipment in most cars. This indispensable safety device has also become the main reference factor for customers to choose a car. But you know, this safety device is also beautiful and must be carefully maintained in winter.
Car airbags have a shelf life maintenance that cannot be ignored.
Of course, the safety performance of car airbags is gradually improving, but do you know that car airbags still have a shelf life? The maintenance of car airbags is not as visual as the maintenance of the appearance of the car body, and it is very easy to be ignored. If the maintenance of car airbags is ignored, the airbags are likely to become the culprit. Therefore, journalists have consulted professionals to teach you how to maintain car airbags.
Car airbags must be used together with seat belts to ensure the safety of car buyers. Car buyers are not allowed to put perfume bottles on the car airbags of front seat passengers and paste spare parts. Once the car airbag is deployed, the object can be ejected by the car airbag, damaging the driver and passengers. Usually, high temperature and electrostatic induction should be minimized. It is not necessary to keep the car airbag and sensor in the natural environment of high temperature and electrostatic induction to prevent the car airbag from being opened incorrectly, to prevent accidental impact, to vibrate the car airbag sensor, and to prevent the car airbag from suddenly Expansion, do not change the software of the car airbag system and the reasonable surrounding layout, do not change the software route of the car airbag system, do not change the front bumper and the front side structure of the vehicle; if the vehicle is equipped with side airbags and the side airbags are installed on the seat, The seat cover does not have to be installed.
Li Xiaobin, an automotive service consultant, said: It is basically impossible for the car airbag to fail during the normal application cycle time of the vehicle. Every 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers of the vehicle goes to the 4S shop to check the car airbag and its attached components, but after ten years of application, it is impossible to To ensure the quality of automobile airbags, be sure to completely inspect them. If the standards allow, they should be replaced immediately. Li Xiaobin emphasized: the car airbag indicator flashes or stays on after the vehicle runs for 6 to 8 seconds, indicating that the car airbag is faulty; when the vehicle is running, the car airbag indicator flashes for 5 seconds to indicate that the car airbag is faulty, be sure to arrive immediately 4S shop inspection and solution, it is not necessary to make the car airbag a murderer.
There are many reasons why the ABS fault light is on, so don’t panic.
ABS Braking Anti-lock Braking is a common active safety device in automobiles. When the driver quickly depresses the brake pedal during the whole process of emergency braking, the front tire is not easy to lock the wheels, and the ability to switch to work still exists. Risks ahead, ensuring the car’s orientation reliability. The most important role of ABS is not to reduce the braking distance, but to try to maintain the vehicle’s positional reliability during the entire braking process.
Don’t panic when the ABS fault warning light suddenly flashes. The car’s braking system software is still working, and the car can be successfully driven to the repair center; if the ABS and handbrake lights flash at the same time, it indicates that the vehicle’s braking system software is likely to have a serious failure. At this time, it is not possible to continue driving. Immediately reduce the speed, stop on the side of the road, and immediately contact the maintenance center for rescue.
Special reminder: ABS vehicles have ABS sensors in every field. In winter, ABS sensors are very easy to be covered by rain and snow, causing ABS failure. It is very important to clean the tires immediately in winter.

Post time: Apr-16-2022