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Air flow sensor, also known as air flow meter, is one of the important sensors of automobile electronic fuel injection engine. It converts the inhaled air flow into an electrical signal and sends it to the electronic control unit (ECU). As one of the basic signals for determining fuel injection, it is a sensor that measures the air flow into the engine. VW air flow sensor is not only safe and reliable, but also has the advantages of stable performance, flexibility and easy maintenance. In a word, it is a better choice.


The air flow sensor is used to measure the air quality flowing into the engine’s air intake. This is essential for calculating how much fuel to add to achieve the correct air-fuel ratio (AFR). The ideal AFR is 14.7:1 (14.7 pounds of air: 1.0 pounds of gasoline), but the actual AFR is different. Acceleration may require an AFR as high as 12:1, and sometimes cruise can even be as low as 22:1. If the MAF sensor is damaged, the engine control module (ECM) cannot calculate the fuel injection correctly, which may cause greater problems in the vehicle.



VW Air Flow Sensor factory


VW Air Flow Sensor factory — Yasen



7 symptoms of a bad VW air flow sensor


There are several symptoms of MAF sensor failure, but not all symptoms are obvious:


  • Check whether the engine light is on: The performance and circuit diagnostic fault codes may be directly related to the MAF sensor, but the fuel adjustment and misfire codes can also be linked to the MAF sensor.


  • Fault acceleration: If you encounter problems when accelerating into a highway or traffic, it may be due to a problem with the MAF sensor, and the ECM may restrict injection.


  • Idle speed: If there is no proper amount of fuel, it is difficult to achieve a smooth idle speed. If there is a problem with the MAF sensor, the engine may not run smoothly, especially when idling.


  • Poor fuel economy: MAF sensor does not have to fail completely to affect fuel economy. If the ECM is wrong, unnecessary fuel may be added, resulting in poor fuel economy.


  • Black exhaust smoke: In some cases, the ECM may become so dense that black smoke emerges from the exhaust. This can also overload the catalytic converter.


  • Hesitation or surge: During acceleration or cruising, you may find hesitation or sudden abnormal power, which may be disturbing.


  • Difficult to start: The engine needs more fuel to start than idling, but if the MAF sensor signal is skewed, the ECM may not command enough fuel injection to start the engine immediately.


These problems do not always mean that your MAF sensor is faulty. Vacuum leaks, clogged air filters, restricted exhaust, clogged catalytic converters, or damaged intake pipes may all be due to the poor quality of the MAF sensor, so please check the intake system to eliminate those problems first.


How to fix a bad VW air flow sensor?


If your air intake system is working well but still has problems, you can try the following methods:


  • Shake off the dust. Blow out the air intake pipe and install a new air filter to prevent the intrusion of dust in the future.


  • Use detergent. MAF sensor special cleaner may be able to deal with any contamination.


  • Replace it. If these two steps are ineffective, it is usually simple to replace a simple air flow sensor.


Diagnosing driving performance problems is an elimination process. Compare your vehicle parts with known good signals for accurate diagnosis and quick repairs.


Choosing a better VW air flow sensor means a successful step to choose a better car, so you should find a reliable and professional VW air flow sensor factory. Yasen does. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us for a free quote.



Post time: Jun-03-2019