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MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor For HYUNDAI/KIA, 28110-3C100 28164-3C100 MA277 SU9177 7410140 MF21139

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BUICK ENCLAVE (2007/04 - /)

HYUNDAI SONATA V (2005/01 - 2010/12)

HYUNDAI SANTA FÉ II (2005/10 - /)

HYUNDAI GENESIS (2008/01 - /)

KIA SORENTO I (2002/08 - /)


What happens when the MAF sensor goes bad?
The test in this article is for the Bosch MAF sensor that produces an analog voltage signal that can be measured by setting the Voltmeter in Volts DC mode. Your VW car can display any number of different symptoms when the Air Flow Meter (MAF sensor) goes bad but, the most common ones are: The car will not idle or idle rough. Stalling or rough idling If your MAF sensor fails completely, airflow information will not be sent to your control module. This will prevent your car’s computer from controlling the airflow information properly, causing the mentioned problems. The fix for this is a replacement of the MAF sensor.

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