Common problems and solutions about car sensor

October 09,2021

When the sensor is used in a vw car, it can convert various information in the car's operation, such as speed, into data and transmit it to the computer so that the engine is in the best working condition. There are about 100 kinds of sensors in a car, including but not limited to vw oxygen sensor. Once failure occurs, the normal operation of the car will be greatly reduced!



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🔵Wheel speed sensor failure


When the wheel is locked when braking, it means that the ABS control system is not working. This may be due to damage to the wheel speed sensor. The owner can observe whether there is a certain deviation in the vehicle speed display on the instrument. The failure of the wheel speed sensor will cause the engine's idle speed to be unstable and the acceleration performance to decline. Secondly, when the vehicle starts or decelerates to a stop, it is easy to stop instantly, and it is even possible to turn off the engine directly, which will greatly affect the safety of the vehicle. Therefore, when the wheel speed sensor fails, the owner should drive the car to the nearest auto shop for repair and replacement at a relatively slow speed.


🔵Oxygen sensor failure


When driving, you find that the engine fault light is on, the engine idling is unstable, the power is insufficient, the fuel consumption increases, and the exhaust pipe emits black smoke with a choking smell, you can use the fault diagnosis instrument to check the voltage. Connect the voltmeter in parallel to the output end of the oxygen sensor. Under normal circumstances, it is constantly changing between 0.1-1 volts. If it does not move between 0.4-0.5, the oxygen sensor may be damaged. Generally speaking, the oxygen sensor must be overhauled every 30,000 kilometers. If the sensor is aging, it must be cleaned or replaced with a new sensor, otherwise it will affect the engine performance and the normal operation of the three-way catalytic device.


🔵Water coolant temperature sensor failure


If the car water temperature sensor fails, it will be difficult to start a cold car, or even unable to start. In severe cases, it will cause the engine temperature to be too high, even boiling, weak acceleration, and black smoke from the exhaust. However, current cars generally have a complete protection mechanism. When the engine ECM (Engine Control Module) detects a failure of the water temperature sensor, it will automatically enter the failure protection mode, and then start the fan according to the preset parameters and light the failure light at the same time. At this time, the car can still start normally, but it must be replaced at the auto repair shop as soon as possible, and the emergency system cannot be used for a long time. Otherwise, excessive water temperature will cause engine damage.


Final words


A car is a "complex body" composed of thousands of parts. As a driver, if we want a car to serve our travel in good condition, we must have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of it.


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